Okanagan Demolition Company – Yearly Blog Summary!

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December is almost gone, and to cap off this year’s blog articles we wanted to write a recap of all of the content on our blog from 2022. There are tons of helpful tips and advice to help you with your most pressing mould, asbestos, and demolition needs. You can find everything from how to stay neighbourly during demolition to waste segregation tips on our blog! Follow along below to read a quick summary of each article we’ve written in 2022!

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Winter and Spring Blog Recap.

Jan – Chilliwack Excavation Company & Flood Damage

Flooding impacted British Columbians from all over the province in early 2022. Subsequently, the damage that occurred due to the floods in the fall of 2021 continued to burden residents of affected areas. Check out this article to learn about how we restore water-damaged properties. 

Feb – Chilliwack Mould Removal Services!

In order to successfully eradicate mould after flooding, it is best to bring in a professional. Having an expert remove the mould will ensure that health and safety risks are minimized. Learn more about Chilliwack mould removal services and why you need an expert, here!

Mar – Reasons You Have Household Mould.

Mould is a common threat to many households across the globe. If you discover mould in your home, finding the root cause is essential. Mould can grow in a number of different conditions. However, it is most favourable to moisture. Learn about the most common ways mould growth occurs in a household setting, here!

Apr – What Does an Okanagan Excavation Company Do?

Have you ever wondered what kind of jobs an Okanagan excavation company partakes in? If yes, we have put together an article explaining our purpose as an excavation company. Many people assume that excavation is simply a matter of digging holes in the ground. However, excavation companies do much more than just carve out holes.

May – Checking for Mould in a New Home: Mould Removal in the Okanagan

If you are looking to purchase a new home, it is important that you are on the lookout for mould. Mould growth is a common issue that can cause all sorts of problems. Additionally, at SWIPE, we specialize in mould removal in the Okanagan. Learn more about what signs to look for when viewing a new home, here. 

Summer & Fall Blog Recap from your Okanagan Demolition Company!

June – Sorting Used Materials With a Demolition Contractor in Kelowna

After a structure has been demolished, there will be a large volume of debris that needs to be dealt with. However, all of the debris cannot be grouped together and disposed of. This is because all construction materials need to be discarded differently. In this article, we took a look at how a demolition contractor in Kelowna separates debris.

July – Protecting Workers From Asbestos in Kamloops

When working with asbestos in Kamloops it is crucial that all workers are protected. Asbestos poses major health risks to the human body. For more information on how to protect employees from asbestos in the workplace, read this blog post.

Aug – Preventing Okanagan Mould Removal in a Heat Wave.

During a heat wave, it is important that homeowners take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their homes from needing Okanagan mould removal. If you are interested in learning more about mould prevention during a heat wave, check out this article. 

Sept – Kamloops Mould Removal – Household Tips.

In this article, we went over some commonly neglected household places mould likes to grow. We will also cover what to do if you find mould. Take a read-through, if you haven’t already!

Oct – Common Myths About Demolition in Kamloops

Like every industry, demolition certainly has its misconceptions. Demolition often gets painted as reckless and unsafe. However, the reality is that demolition is actually completely safe and has an important place within society. 

Nov – Staying Neighbourly During Demolition in the Okanagan.

If you make the decision to have demolition in the Okanagan, it is your job to ensure that your neighbours are well-prepared. In this article, we went over how to remain neighbourly during a demolition project. 

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