Common Myths About Demolition in Kamloops

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Like every industry, demolition certainly has its misconceptions. Demolition often gets painted as reckless and unsafe. However, the reality is that demolition is actually completely safe and has an important place within society. In this article, we will be going over the top four myths surrounding demolition. If you are looking to have demolition in Kamloops done, we encourage you to read this article to get a better understanding of the demolition process. Continue reading below for more information on this subject!

  1. Demolition in Kamloops is Unsafe.

kamloops swipe contracting demolitionThe most commonly thought myth is that demolition in Kamloops is unsafe. However, this is not the case. Demolition jobs are planned very thoroughly and with great detail. Generally, a permit is required. And, there are lots of precautionary measures that take place before demolition can commence. Every job must be assessed for risk and approved by an engineer. This way, there aren’t any surprises. In addition to the extensive planning, demolition contractors and teams are trained to be in the demolition environment. This means that they have specific skills to guarantee no dangerous mistakes are made. Someone who works in demolition has the ability to do well in tight spaces, use specialized equipment, work at heights and with hazardous materials. 

  1. You Don’t Need to be an Expert to Demolish a Building

So, you think you don’t need to be an expert to demo a building? Wrong. Demolition can become extremely dangerous when left to an amateur. There are lots of moving parts within the demolition and each crew member hired has a specific skill set to ensure the safety of the team. Oftentimes, demolition teams will have to deal with asbestos and mould. Or, perform controlled explosions. All of these tasks require training and expert knowledge. In order to follow city guidelines and safety regulations, you need to be an expert. Otherwise, demolition can pose severe health and injury risks, and even fatality. You wouldn’t perform surgery if you weren’t a surgeon, so don’t demo a building if you’re not a demo contractor. If you are in need of demolition services, it is best to reach out to an expert! 

  1. Demolition Causes Harm to the Environment

kamloops demolition servicesNext, is the myth that demolition is harmful to the environment. If following proper protocols, demolition is actually beneficial for the environment. Demolition companies must adhere to proper disposal procedures for all materials. This means sorting everything out piece by piece to ensure each item goes where it belongs. All demolition contractors must follow city landfill guidelines for what can be thrown out, recycled, and resold. The way each material is dealt with differs from landfill to landfill. So, it is important that experts stay on top of waste management standards. For more information on how we sort materials for the landfill, check out the article “Sorting Used Materials With a Demolition Contractor in Kelowna”. 

  1. Historic Buildings Suffer Because of Demolition in Kamloops 

Lastly, is the myth that demolition destroys historic buildings. There are many scenarios where demolition contractors are hired to work on historic sites to refurbish or preserve old buildings. Most cities have strict regulations on how much of a building can be demolished in order for it to still be considered historic. Furthermore, demolition teams have specific protocols to make sure that historic buildings do not get harmed during the demolition process. In most cases, demolition contractors are hired to make the building safer and up-to-date with current building codes. This way, there aren’t any dangerous accidents. 

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There are all sorts of myths surrounding demolition in Kamloops, however, it is important to note which ones are false. In the majority of cases, demolition is incredibly safe and well-thought-out when in the hands of an expert. Moreover, demolition has a positive impact on the environment because of how strict the rules are when it comes to sorting demolition materials. Finally, historic buildings are not harmed by demolition but instead preserved. 

Demolition is best done by an expert team and contractor. At SWIPE we have plenty of experience dealing with demolition and asbestos/mould removal. For help with a demolition job, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you during the demolition process. If you have any questions regarding the demolition process, feel free to reach out. We look forward to working with you in the near future.