Chilliwack Mould Removal Services!

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After an intense flooding season in the fall of 2021, many residents of Chilliwack and surrounding areas are dealing with the resulting damage. Home and businesses have been greatly impacted by such extreme flooding. Oftentimes, in the event of a flood, there is a mould outbreak that follows suit. In order to successfully eradicate the mould after 48 hours, it is best to bring in a professional. Having an expert remove the mould will ensure that health and safety risks are minimized. Follow along to learn more about Chilliwack mould removal services and why you need an expert!

Chilliwack Mould Removal Services Are Safe.

One of the most important parts of the mould removal process is safety. Mould can be a very toxic substance when not treated with caution. Respiratory problems are a very common side effect of exposure to toxic mould. In addition, people with underlying respiratory conditions or compromised immune systems are at a higher risk of developing long-term health effects from exposure. Many homeowners resort to using bleach, which can cause also harm people with certain health conditions. 

At SWIPE Contracting, our employees use a range of protective gear. For instance, high-quality respirators prevent mould from entering the lungs. Moreover, long natural rubber gloves shield hands and forearms from contact with mould and cleaning supplies. These are only a few pieces of equipment our experts wear to safely get rid of mould. 

In order to rid your home or business of mould, some items will need to be removed. If you have insurance for damage related to mould, temporarily keep damaged items in an area outside of home or workplace. Cleaning up and drying out the space is essential. A dehumidifier may be necessary in order to remove the moisture from damp areas. 

Contact SWIPE Contracting For Mould Removal Services. 

Hire a Chilliwack mould removal services company and get mould from flood damage under control. At SWIPE Contracting we have plenty of experience with mould removal. For more information on types of mould common to houses, click here. Our standard of safety and quality of removal is unmatched. Anyone who needs additional support recovering from floods and mudslides can visit the provincial government’s floods and mudslides response page here. Be sure to contact us today for a quote on your contracting needs. We look forward to helping you out during this difficult time.