Commercial Asbestos Abatement in Kelowna, Vernon, Penticton, Kamloops and Chilliwack

If you’ve recently had the idea to renovate an office space in your city then you might be considering what lies beneath. Likely you’re on our website because you may already suspect that there is asbestos present in your space. We can confirm that you’ve come to the right place. Commercial asbestos abatement is key to the health of your office environment. Before any demolition begins in an older space Swipe encourages you to contact an experienced asbestos abatement company for advice. You never know the dangers that lurk behind drywall, paint, plumbing and concrete. Asbestos was so widely used during the mid to even late 1900’s that it is still commonly being rid of today.

If you suspect asbestos, drop your sledgehammer and call Swipe for advice today.

Commercial Asbestos Abatement Services for Businesses

Asbestos lab testing is required of some materials in order to concretely determine if they contain asbestos. This is because asbestos is not always visible, especially if it has been used as an additive. While loose asbestos such as what we find in insulation behind ceilings, walls and floorboards is obvious, there are other materials that contain hidden asbestos. Oftentimes, asbestos was used to strengthen materials such as concrete. It was also commonly used in ceiling applications in commercial buildings. Perhaps the biggest culprit though is in the old coating sprays. Asbestos was very commonly used for insulation sprays under roofs and behind walls. This is possibly one of the most dangerous applications of asbestos that we see. Even a slight disturbance of these danger areas can release deadly asbestos into the air.

Common Places to Find Asbestos in your Commercial Office Space

(Note: these are a few common places to begin, but the list is far more comprehensive. Please call for more information, especially if you suspect asbestos in your place of business)


Loose insulation is an easy and common place to start looking for asbestos. Loose insulation was used behind walls in commercial buildings as well as under flooring and above ceilings. Loose fibres are extremely dangerous to the lungs when breathed in. Since this application of asbestos is easily disturbed you should not handle it unless you are trained in asbestos abatement.


Cement is a material where asbestos is least expected. Since you can’t see asbestos in the cement of a foundation it can be particularly dangerous. Oftentimes a customer will begin jackhammering through a cement floor or wall not knowing the dangers contained within. A good rule of thumb is that if your building is 50 years or older – call an expert asbestos abatement company for advice before you start demolition.


Asbestos containing spray coatings were very popular in commercial construction during the mid-century. They are extremely dangerous when disturbed as the asbestos fibres are easily loosened into the air. When inhaled into the lungs the particles become deadly, causing a multitude of lung diseases. Spray coatings were used as a layer of fire protection as well as decor. Think popcorn ceilings and those swirly looking textured walls that are so commonly found in 70’s and 80’s renovations.


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