Protecting Workers From Asbestos in Kamloops

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When working with asbestos in Kamloops it is crucial that all workers are protected. Although asbestos has been banned, it can still be found in a number of different products. For instance, insulation and brakes for vehicles. Asbestos poses major health risks to the human body. Without adequate protection, asbestos can cause death and/or severe medical conditions associated with the lungs and other organs. Moreover, those who smoke are more likely to contract asbestos-related health problems after being exposed. For more information on how to protect employees from asbestos in the workplace, continue reading below. 

What Are the Basics of Working With Asbestos in Kamloops?

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In order to best protect workers from asbestos exposure, they must first be trained in a variety of areas. For instance, anyone who is going to be working with asbestos must understand all of the risks associated with handling asbestos-containing materials (ACM). Moreover, workers need to know how to identify ACM in the workplace. In addition to this, they must understand what personal hygiene is necessary in order to protect themselves from exposure. As well as, what protective gear should be worn and how to take care of it after it has been used. Lastly, workers should be aware of the proper disposal procedures for ACM and take health monitoring for asbestos-related health issues seriously. 

Depending on what province/territory you are located in, these regulations will differ. For exact requirements on protective equipment and disposal procedures, check with your local jurisdiction. In some locations, a training certificate is required to work with ACM. 

Avoid Inhaling Asbestos & Have Regular Monitoring Done!

When working with asbestos it is important to avoid inhalation of any ACM. Workers need to wear the correct gear in order to protect themselves. If workers do not have the correct equipment, employers should establish a program to ensure all employees have access to proper protective equipment. Respirators are a mandatory requirement when working with asbestos. They need to be provided for all employees who may come into contact with ACM. Respirators need to fit the worker properly and be in good working order. They must also be cleaned and disinfected regularly to ensure safe use. 

Furthermore, protective clothing must also be worn and should prevent the penetration of any ACM. Moreover, the clothing needs to cover all body parts and fit tightly around any areas where ACM could get under the garment. All personal protective equipment needs to be stored in a clean and sanitary location when it is not being used.  

Good Practices to Follow When Working With Asbestos?

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When working with asbestos it is important to develop certain practices to keep employees safe. One of the most important rules of working in an environment with asbestos is to always wear proper personal protective equipment! Without this, serious medical conditions can be developed. Additionally, it is vital that workers do not eat, smoke, drink, chew gum, or use cosmetic products in an asbestos-regulated area. 

ACM must be kept wet to ensure dust is kept at bay. Any dust that is prevalent needs to be vacuumed with the addition of a HEPA filter. After work, employees must properly dispose of their protective clothing. If the clothing is not single-use, it needs to be decontaminated using a HEPA filter. Failure to do so can end up harming those in your household – including pets. If you have the option, showering at work can help significantly reduce outsider exposure to ACM. Workers with immune-compromised family members or housemates should proceed with added caution. 

Asbestos must be properly disposed of in order to prevent exposure in other settings. Waste and dust should be placed into a container that cannot be penetrated by the asbestos fibres. In addition, containers must be labeled to notify others that there is ACM inside and it should not be inhaled. 

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Proper protocol must be followed by those working with asbestos in Kamloops. In order to prevent health complications and workplace hazards, it is crucial that employees are properly equipped and trained. For help with removing asbestos in Kamloops, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you during the demolition process. If you have any questions regarding asbestos, feel free to reach out. We look forward to working with you in the near future.