Preventing Okanagan Mould Removal in a Heat Wave

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Heat waves are costing Canadians a significant amount of money in energy consumption. However, this isn’t the only problem heat waves are inflicting. In some areas, record high temperatures are creating the perfect breeding grounds for dangerous household moulds. During a heat wave, it is important that homeowners take the necessary precautions to protect themselves and their homes from needing Okanagan mould removal. If you are interested in learning more about mold prevention during a heat wave, continue reading the article below.

The Number One Cause of Okanagan Mould Removal. 

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The number one cause of household mold is generally humidity. Household mould can cause a range of uncomfortable symptoms. For instance, runny nose and itchy eyes. During a heat wave, it is easy for the climate to become humid. Muggy weather has a direct connection to mould growth. It is important to combat humidity in your home during all seasons. 

High heat promotes the growth of a wide range of allergens. These include mould and dust mites. Dust mites can be eliminated by using parasite-resistant mattresses and pillow covers. As well as, washing your bedding in high heat often. Vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters can also be of benefit when getting rid of summer allergens. 

How to Prevent Humidity in Your Home?

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One of the best ways to fight humid climates is to invest in a dehumidifier. Most households should have a dehumidifier on hand to run throughout the year when the climate gets humid. By running your air conditioner, you are taking some of the humidity out of the air. This is because cool air holds less moisture. However, you may find that by the time your home reaches an ideal temperature, your relative humidity is unchanged. This is where the dehumidifier comes in handy. 

The Mayo Clinic recommends that household humidity should remain between 30-50%. If your home is too humid, it can make you feel stuffy and create an environment that is highly susceptible to mould growth and other allergens. 

You can measure the humidity levels in your home by purchasing a hygrometer. This is a device that is similar to a thermometer. Hygrometers can be found at your local hardware or department store.    

Furthermore, in newer homes, heat recovery ventilators can help combat humidity. A heat recovery ventilator (HRV) is a ventilation device that replaces stale indoor air with fresh outdoor air. This is because newer homes are more airtight which causes indoor air to become stale. HRVs help to distribute clean air throughout the home to keep things fresh and improve health and cleanliness. Furthermore, HRVs do an exceptional job at getting rid of excess moisture and bacteria in a home.     

Do I Need Okanagan Mould Removal If I Find Mould?

okanagan mold removal company

If you discover mould in your home, be sure to speak with a professional right away. It is important that you do not disturb the mould. Hiring a professional Okanagan mould removal specialist is the best course of action if you find mould in your home. An expert at mold removal will use special tricks and techniques to ensure that the mould is removed safely and cleanly. 

If you aren’t careful, you can end up making your mould situation much worse by trying to remove the affected material yourself. As soon as mould is disturbed, it begins to release mycotoxins which help it survive against other moulds. Moreover, you should never bleach mould affected areas because mould will respond in a dangerous way. The reaction between bleach and mould causes the mould to release spores into the air. This tactic is fruitless, because as soon as you get rid of one area of mould, the spores from that area have spread across your home. Thus, causing it to come back to a new place in your home after a short period of time.

However, if you discover mould on a surface that is non-porous you can use vinegar to kill a portion of the mould. Make sure that you use undiluted vinegar and wait for 10-minutes before removing the excess with a cloth. Once it is wiped away, ensure that you throw away the cloth that you used. This process prevents the mould from releasing spores into the air.

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It is important to keep a firm handle on humidity during the summer months—especially when there’s a heat wave! If you would like to receive a quote for our Okanagan mould removal services, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you remove any unwanted bacteria from your home. For more information feel free to reach out to us. Be sure to stay tuned to our blog for more mold-related information. We look forward to helping you out soon!