Swipe Contracting is Looking Back on 2021!

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We are over halfway through December! To cap off this year’s blog articles Swipe Contracting wanted to write a recap of every article we’ve written this year. There are tons of helpful tips and advice to help you with your biggest mould, asbestos, and demolition needs. You can find everything from a history of asbestos to the different types of household mould on our blog!

Follow along below to read a quick summary of each article we wrote in 2021! You can view the full post by clicking on the title of the article.

June 2021 – Why Receive Asbestos Testing Kelowna For Your Home?

asbestos testing kelowna

In June we kicked off our Swipe Contracting blog with a post about why you should receive asbestos testing. There is a long list of problems that can occur if your home has asbestos. We suggest that homeowners get a test if they are looking to renovate a significant part of their home. Those exposed to asbestos can incur serious long-term illnesses. You can find out more, by reading the post “Why Receive Asbestos Testing Kelowna For Your Home”.

July 2021 – Swipe Contracting Asbestos Abatement Kelowna will protect your health.

asbestos abatement Swipe Contracting

This article has plenty of information on the health effects of asbestos. Short-term and long-term contact with asbestos is risky. Short-term exposure to asbestos will not likely present any visible symptoms. Long-term exposure to asbestos can cause worrisome diseases including mesothelioma and other cancers. Exposure to asbestos can cause respiratory diseases and asbestosis. People are not the only living beings that can contract a disease from asbestos exposure. Pets are able to develop mesothelioma similar to human beings. For more information please check out “Asbestos Abatement Kelowna will protect your health”.

August 2021 –  Asbestos Service Kelowna Views the History of Asbestos.

asbestos history in Canada

Asbestos has a long history in Canada. Canada was a major force in the asbestos industry. In 1850, the first asbestos discovery was made in Quebec. As the industry took off more and more workers began falling ill with horrible diseases. McGill researched this and found a link between working with asbestos and becoming severely ill. What researchers did with the data next was shocking! They were paid off for 6 years to keep the discovery under wraps! For a full history of asbestos in Canada, check out the article “ Asbestos Service Kelowna Views the History of Asbestos”.

September 2021 – Household mold removal in Kelowna!

mould removal in Kelowna

Mould is a very common substance that we can find in almost every instance of our lives. Not all mould is good and harmless. Which, is why it is important to remove any harmful moulds hiding in your home. If you suspect mould in your home it is important to have a professional take care of it. In this article, we went through the most common household molds that could be cozying up in your house this season. Check out the post “Household mold removal in Kelowna” for more information.

October 2021 – Okanagan Asbestos Services Appalled.

okanagan asbestos company

In October, we wanted to spread the alarming news about Canada’s asbestos policy. In 2018, Canada was rumoured to put a ban into effect on all asbestos-containing products. Unfortunately, there was an exemption to this ban that has put several people in harm’s way. For more information on this important news visit the post “Okanagan Asbestos Services Appalled”.

November 2021 – Why Hire an Okanagan Demolition Contractor like Swipe Contracting?

Swipe Contracting

There are plenty of reasons to hire a demolition contractor. Doing it yourself isn’t an option for many people and the risk of unprofessional demolition is extensive. Safety is a number one priority and with an expert company like SWIPE, safety will always be put first. To learn more about why you should hire a demolition contractor, view “Why Hire an Okanagan Demolition Contractor”.

Swipe Contracting is Looking forward to 2022!

We want to thank all of our clients for a successful year in removing asbestos and mould from houses and workplaces.

Be sure to contact us at Swipe Contracting with any questions or concerns you may have about asbestos, mould, or demolition. We’d be happy to help you out with any of these problems. Check back with us in the new year for more helpful content. We look forward to a great 2022!