Demolition Company in Kelowna Talks Environmental Considerations

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A demolition project can impact the environment in several ways. If you are planning to demolish a structure, you need to consider some of the environmental implications. It is a fact that demolition projects produce a large amount of waste. Some of which can be toxic or harmful to the environment. Although demolishing a home seems fairly straightforward, there are lots of small steps that must be taken in order to prevent health and safety risks. In this article, we will be going over the environmental considerations that a demolition company in Kelowna must make. Follow along below to learn more!

Pre-Demo Inspection

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Oftentimes, people want to jump into demolition right away. However, beginning demolition without conducting a pre-demolition inspection can pose a number of risks. Instead, consider delaying the start of your demolition project and conducting a pre-demolition inspection. During the inspection, experts will be able to check for a few key factors that can impact your demo project. For instance, materials, asbestos, mould, structural issues, foundational issues, environmental problems, etc. All of these factors play a huge role in the cost and timeline of your project. So, it is important to have an inspection done prior to beginning demolition. 

It is important to note that a pre-demolition inspection is typically required. However, this can change from city to city. So, it is important to check with your local municipality for the regulations surrounding demolition. You can also ask your demolition company in Kelowna for more information!

Type of Demolition

The type of demolition that is being conducted can also have an impact on the environment. Usually, the type of demolition is determined by what’s being torn down and where. Some of the most common demolition methods include a bulldozer, an excavator, a wrecking ball, and a sledgehammer. Each mode of demolition can produce different sizes/amounts of debris. So, it is important to make sure that you choose the mode of demolition that is most suitable for the area. For instance, you wouldn’t use a wrecking ball to demolish a home in the suburbs. This would make a mess and ultimately be dangerous.

Demolition Company in Kelowna Advises About Asbestos

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Asbestos is a dangerous substance that is often found in older homes and structures. It is made up of different minerals that naturally occur and resist heat. Asbestos-containing materials were put into a number of homes in North America prior to the dangers of asbestos being uncovered. Asbestos is known to cause cancer and numerous other life-threatening conditions for people and animals. If you suspect that the structure planned to be demolished might contain asbestos, let your demolition company know. Asbestos is one of the key reasons why getting a pre-demolition inspection is so important!

It is best that a skilled professional handles and disposes of any materials containing asbestos. Without proper care, there are severe health and environmental risks involved. Find a local demolition company in Kelowna that is equipped to assist with asbestos-containing materials. 

Soil Contamination

Soil contamination is a prominent problem when conducting demolition. During a demolition project, the soil becomes disturbed. This can be because of the demo itself or the heavy equipment that come-and-go from the site. Soil can become contaminated through contact with chemicals, oil, gas, or heavy metals. When the soil is disturbed, it is easier for it to be washed away by snow and rain. This can lead to the contaminated soil ending up in waterways and polluting them.

Before demolition, it is important to know how to manage contaminated soil in your municipality. Certain sediment control measures are likely in place in your city to prevent contamination. Your contractor will be able to ensure that these guidelines are met. 

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle With Your Demolition Company in Kelowna!

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Yup, that’s right! Demolition companies do their very best to salvage usable materials from pre-existing structures. This helps to minimize waste and repurpose old materials. By taking the time to separate materials, you can help reduce the impact that demolition has on the environment! Help us keep usable materials out of landfills by practicing the three R’s in your next demo project.

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