Chilliwack Excavation Company & Flood Damage

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Flooding has impacted British Columbians from all over the province. The damage that has occurred subsequent to the floods in the fall of 2021 continues to burden residents of affected areas. Finding a contractor to help you repair the damage to your home or business is proving difficult since the pandemic continues to rage. Many contractors are working tirelessly to ensure that houses and stores that can be repaired are fixed and damage to surrounding areas is mended. At SWIPE Contracting, we specialize in excavation, demolition, mould and asbestos services. All of which can be extremely helpful as you work towards restoration. In this article, we will go through the process of restoring water-damaged property. 

Step 1: Power off Electronics

Some of the biggest risks of flooding are electrocution and fire. When water comes in contact with electrical items like wires, outlets, fuses, appliances, and/or cords, it can create serious risks. Injury, death, fire, and property loss are all possible if you are not careful when a flood occurs. Turning off power from the breaker box is a good step to prevent possible risks. However, if you are to turn it off while standing on a wet floor, it can be incredibly dangerous. Entering flooded areas can also be very risky as the water may be in contact with electrical items. Moreover, keeping clear of power lines is extremely important. Flooding can cause electricity to become extremely dangerous and life-threatening. 

It is best to have a professional contractor, who’s versed in dealing with water damage to take care of your property. Doing the repairs on your own can be seriously dangerous. Especially if you aren’t careful.

Step 2: Chilliwack Excavation Company Knows to Look for Mould

Checking for mould is a key part of the restoration process after flooding occurs. Many people forget to check for mould and end up with severe health problems due to its unassuming toxicity. Mould can appear as quickly as 3 days after flooding occurs. If a building has sat for a long time in damp conditions, there is a high potential for severe mould overgrowth. Wood and carpet are the biggest culprits when it comes to housing new mould colonies. Structural integrity can be affected by mould growth. This is why it is so important to be careful during and after a flood occurs. Mould may not always be toxic right away, but over time it will likely become harmful. Taking the necessary precautions is essential to your safety. 

At SWIPE Contracting, we specialize in mould removal services. Our company would be happy to help you remove mould from your property or the surrounding area. We have extensive experience dealing with mould in and out of residences, commercial spaces, and more! Learn more about mould and the potential risks by reading our article “Household mold removal in Kelowna”.

Step 3: Get Rid of Excess Water and Wet Items 

It is important to get rid of excess water and wet items to ensure further damage doesn’t occur. For instance, if your home has two floors, it is likely that the basement or ground floor will have more water than the second floor. Pumping out the water allows for contractors (like us at SWIPE) to conduct their job more efficiently. It also prevents unnecessary damage and/or recurring mould growth. Heavily flooded areas can often cause long-term damage. So, it is best to avoid these problems and have the water and all items moved out of the way. You’ll be doing your contractor and your budget a friendly favour by organizing this step ahead of your contractor’s arrival.

Step 4: Use Your Chilliwack Excavation Company to Remove Debris or Demolish the Structure.

Depending on the damage to the structure, you may want to salvage what’s left and rebuild. However, in some instances, you may want to start fresh and remove the building altogether. Either way, you will need to hire a Chilliwack excavation company to assist. 

For properties that have some structural damage, an excavation or demolition company may be necessary to remove the debris. Getting rid of no-good roofing, household items, washed-out walls, and other housing elements is difficult to do without a contractor. They have the equipment and knowledge to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

In addition, if you wish to have the structure completely removed (demolished) a contractor will need to be hired. There is a specific process involved with demolition projects to ensure the safety of all involved and to prevent further damage to the surrounding elements. Before we take down any structure we also check for hazardous substances like asbestos or uncaught mould growth. Our company is trained to deal with asbestos and mould, to guarantee a job done right. Learn more about the demolition process on our blog article titled “Why Hire an Okanagan Demolition Contractor?”. 

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